Top 10 Dubai Tourist Places Visit during UAE Holidays 2019

Dubai Holidays 2019 list is the happiest things for the job people in UAE. Most of the people come to Dubai to visit famous Dubai tourist places. A large number of tourists also comes to Dubai from different parts of the world to enjoy UAE holidays in 2019.

Dubai tourist’s places list is the main thing which a lot of tourists search on the internet.


There are a lot of places to visit in Dubai for free of cost. Dubai tourist places provide a lot of adventures as well as entertaining activities. You can just go there with your family and friends to enjoy your life. There is no cost of entry tickets on these places. It does not mean that these places are free of cost with no attractions. You will enjoy a lot when you will visit these places.

There are a lot of places to visit in Dubai. Some places you can visit on the day time and some places to visit in Dubai at night time. We will provide you a list of the famous tourist’s places to visit in Uthe AE.

During the Dubai Holidays 2019, you can visit a lot of the Dubai tourist places and also a lot of beautiful places in the other emirates in the UAE. You can also visit the best Dubai beaches during your vacations in Dubai.


Top 10 Dubai Tourist Places to Visit in Dubai UAE

The Dubai tourist places list for the top ten locations is given below. A lot of places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi included in this list. These places have a lot of fun and activities during your visit to Dubai.

  1. Top Best Dubai Tourist Place is Burj Khalifa
  2. Desert Safari
  3. Dubai Creek
  4. Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai
  5. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  7. Dubai Miracle Garden
  8. Dubai Fountain near Burj Khalifa
  9. Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  10. Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Burj Khalifa number one Dubai Tourist Place

This is one of the best and beautiful Dubai tourist places in the UAE. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world. The height of The Burj Khalifa is 828 meters. This is also well known as Burj Dubai. If you are planning to come on tour Dubai it is suggested must visit Burj Khalifa. There are approximately 162 rooms in this building.


Burj Khalifa opened for public in 2010. This building is considered a masterpiece all around the world. The Burj Khalifa is in the honor of the ruler of the Abu Dhabi Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This is such a beautiful Dubai tourist’s attraction and it is a very big and amazing project from the Dubai tourism department. You can easily get a Dubai visit visa to visit this masterpiece building of the world.

The Burj Khalifa Dubai is located on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, UAE. The opening timings for this building are from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Desert Safari visit Dubai

Desert Safari is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable places in the Dubai tourist places list. Whenever we talk about desert safari the first name that will strike your mind is Dubai. Dubai desert safari is a favorite destination to spend your Dubai holidays 2019.


Enjoy in the desert safari Dubai will be your favorite activity during your Dubai holidays. You can enjoy riding on a jeep in the desert is such a super experience. There are also desert bikes which can provide great fun to you as well.

The timings for this Dubai tourist place is almost 24 hours. You can go there on the day, the evening or even on the night. Every time you will go you ‘ll enjoy a lot. Riding a bike, on the jeep, belly dance and other musical and magical show will make your tour really amazing. In Dubai, you can find a lot of Dubai safari tourists operators which provides the best services.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is such a perfect place for you if you are planning to visit Dubai. This Dubai tourist place is amazing due to its beauty. Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek which is also a part of Dubai canal. This creek canal is also extended to the Persian Gulf.


Dubai Creek is such a beautiful place which you can visit during your stay in Dubai. This beautiful tourist place is stand out for its conventional atmosphere and beauty. The Dubai creek is in the heart of Dubai. This is the very old location from where actually Dubai starts. Dubai Creek has a great memorable history in it. The beautiful river isolates the Dubai creek canal into two noteworthy regions i.e. Bur Dubai and Deira.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

The beautiful tourist’s place in Dubai is the wild wadi park. This is handled by the Jumeirah International group which is a very big name Dubai. The wild wadi park is situated near the Burj Al Arab, Dubai. This is a very famous water park which has a heated or cooled wave pool, two artificial surfing machines. The wild wadi park has also a lot of water slides which is so thrilling. It was a big water park in the world but now it shrinks a little bit to provide a space for the two major rides.


The most adventurous thing in this park is a relishing waterfall of 18 meters. This is such a thrilling place like a free fall water ride. In the wild wadi park, there are two gift shops, restaurants and snack stands are also available for the tourists. This is the most enjoyable UAE tourist place which you must visit while your Dubai visit.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This beautiful Abu Dhabi tourist place is situated in the Yas Island Abu Dhabi. It is the mainly Ferrari-marked amusement park and has the record for the largest space outline construction at any point assembled. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi additionally holds the Formula Rossa, the world’s speediest crazy ride. This is also a beautiful tourist place in Abu Dhabi. You can go and spend quality time during your Dubai holidays.


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are one of the most stunning places in the Dubai tourist places list. This is situated in the Dubai Mall, in the bottom of Burj Khalifa. This represents a total underwater world in the Dubai Mall. There is a different kind of fish and sea creatures inside the underwater zoo. You can go inside the aquarium as well to watch the beautiful and amazing sea creatures inside the aquarium. A large number of kids and adults come inside to enjoy the unusual reptiles and sea animals floating freely in the clean, clear water.


This is inside the Dubai Mall so whenever you will visit Dubai Mall you must visit this amazing underwater zoo. The sea creatures inside the underwater zoo will definitely stun you. After you will watch this underwater zoo, definitely leave you speechless.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden is one of the most beautiful Dubai tourist places in terms of natural flowers and greenery. This is located in the district of Dubai land. In this park, you can see millions of flowers of different kinds with a pleasant smell. There are a lot of amazing structures really surprising and marvelously created, of different things which are made with the flowers. The Dubai miracle garden is spread over 72000 sq. Meters. This is established on Valentine’s Day 2013. This garden has almost 109 million of flowers.


In recent year, the Dubai miracle garden has an extension and includes a butterfly garden. The exact name of this garden is the Dubai Butterfly garden. This is the world largest garden having indoor butterfly life. The Dubai butterfly garden is a haven for overly 15000 different kinds of butterflies that belong to 26 different species.


Dubai Fountain near Burj Khalifa

If you visit Dubai and you didn’t see the Dubai fountain, you almost miss your tour. This is such a beauty and charisma of Dubai Fountain, an embellishing array of light, water and music. Dubai fountain has a big name on the list of Dubai tourist’s places list. The Dubai Fountain is the lake which is side by side with the Dubai Mall. Thousands of visitors daily visit the Dubai Fountain. This is the second largest choreographed music fountain established on the huge manmade lake at Burj Khalifa. The Dubai fountain equipped with 6600 lights and 25 colored projectors.


The Dubai fountain water comes up to 500 feet in the air. The lake water dances with the soothing music of traditional Arabic or contemporary style. The logic and structure behind the Dubai Fountain is WET design, which is working as a master brain.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

This is the famous amazing and lovely place in the highly recommended Dubai tourist places list. One must visit this amazing structural building the seven-star hotel of Dubai. Burj al Arab is the most luxurious and stylish hotels in Dubai. Burj Al Arab has Faultless opulence and impeccable service accommodate branded amenities and spacious rooms. This is the world 3rd tallest hotel.


The hotel is very close to the Wild Wadi Park and it is on walking distance from this beautiful water park.

Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

This is a very famous mosque in the Abu Dhabi where Sheikh Zayed the father and founder of the UAE, is laid to rest. This grand mosque architectural show-stopper is one of the world’s biggest mosques. This Abu Dhabi tourist place is a must watch the place while you visiting the UAE.


The inside architecture is lovely to see. The walls are decorated so well and other arts are also lovely to watch.

The mosque remains open for the Non-Muslims from Saturday to Thursday 9:00 AM-10:00 PM and Friday 4:30PM-10:00 PM.

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