Happy Islamic New Year 2019 Public Holidays in Dubai

The Islamic New Year 2019 will start in August this year. This time it will be 1441 Islamic year or Hijri year 2019. Al Hijri is the New Islamic Year 2019. This Islamic year 2019 also includes a holiday in the UAE holidays 2019 calendar.

islamic new year holiday in dubaiThe Islamic year is started from when our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrate from Makkah to Madina with the orders of Allah Almighty. This migration was to escape the oppression and violence that the pagans, the predominant tribe of Mecca, had been inflicting on him and his companions.

Our beloved holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrate to Madina with his best friend, Abu Bakr (RA). In Medina, Saudi Arabia, they were permitted to recover and develop spiritually and as a community.

Dubai islamic new year

The Islamic year is started with the holy month of Muharram. This holy month has great importance in the history of Islam. In Dubai, the Islamic year 2019 will falls on Sunday, September 1. So UAE holidays calendar includes a long holidays weekend in Dubai on this Islamic New Year 2019 occasion.

On the occasion of the Hijri new year 2019, it will be a public holiday in UAE. This is the UAE private sector holiday as well as the Dubai public sector holiday. So everyone can enjoy this long weekend of holidays living here in Dubai, UAE.  There are also 10 to 11 UAE public holidays per year for all the residents. The Islamic new year is celebrated quite in a simple way, not like the celebrations on the Gregorian New Year Event in Dubai.

UAE public holidays already announced by the government at the start of this calendar year of 2019. The date of the Islamic New Year 2019 totally depends on the moon sighting as the Islamic year is dependent on the lunar system.

islamic new year 2019 holidays

The length of the New Islamic Year 2019 is about 254 or 255 days and it the months totally depends on the movement of the moon. Mostly Islamic months having 20 or 30 days in total in a month.

Happy Islamic New Year 2019 Facts

Muharram (1st first month of the Islamic calendar), is the holiest month in the Islamic history.  Our beloved holy prophet mostly recommended to fast and worship during the blessed month of Muharram ul Haram.

The dating method for the Islamic calendar is invented by Hazrat Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA) the second caliph of the Muslims after Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA). Hazrat Umar Ibn Al-Khattab standardized this in the 638, calendar of the Arabian peninsula.

The Hijri calendar 2019 is a lunar cycle based calendar and it has 12 months and a total number of days is 354 or 355.

islamic new year uae holidays

The Islamic month’s calendar 2019 is shortened A.H. or Anno Hegirae in Western languages.  The first date on the first Islamic calendar is, 1 Muharram A.H. corresponds to July 16, year 622.

Happy Islamic New Year 2019 Celebrations and Activities

There are a lot of silent celebrations at the start of Islamic New Year 2019 in Dubai and all around the world. A lot of Muslims move towards the mosques and gathered there. In mosques scholar stated regarding the start of the holy Islamic month from the Quran.

Mostly they explain in detailed that why beloved Prophet (PBUH) migrate from Makkah to Madina. On the eve of New Islamic Year’s Eve, a passage is broadcast on radios and television channels.

islamic new year

The 1st day of New Hijri Islamic Year 2019 is spent in reflection of one’s mortality and the passing of time, as well as honoring the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Islamic New Year 2019 celebrations are quiet and in sober tones, nothing like the western culture during the Georgian New Year.

This era is a technology and among the new generation, it is a new trend to exchange the New Islamic Year wishes, cards, and gifts, etc.

A Very Happy Warm New Islamic Year 1441 Greetings, Wishes, Messages

Happy Islamic New Year to all Muslims. May this new year brings a lot of peace, prosperity & happiness to the Muslim world. May ALLAH protect us.

Wishing everyone a happy new year full of peace, happiness, and abundance. Happy Islamic New Year!

Have a life-changing, world-shaping, wonderful, awe-inspiring and ridiculously Happy Hijri Everyone!

Wishing My Muslim brothers, sisters, and friends a very happy new year. 1439 A.H Happy Islamic New Year.

new islamic year dubai

Today is 1st Muharram 1439H, May Allah accept our deeds in d past n yrs ahead. Happy Islamic New Year to all Muslims in the world. Happy New Islamic Year.

Happy New Year everyone! May Allah ease difficulties and bless the Ummah with lots of hidaya, Ameen ya Rabbi. Happy New Islamic Year,

Hold the smile, let the tear go, keep the laugh, lose the pain, look for joy, and abandon the fear. Happy New Islamic Year!

al hijri islamic new year

May Peace fill all the empty spaces around us. May Happiness answers all our good wishes this year. Happy Hijri New Year.

On the auspicious day of Muharram, may Allah bless you with health, wealth, peace and happiness! Happy Islamic Hijri New Year 1441.

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